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“Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.” 

                                                                 ― L.M. Montgomery

At Everlasting memories we preserve the memories that are most treasured, be it someone moving abroad, celebrating life, a family gathering, or someone passing away.


Each one of our items is made to remind you everyday of those small happy moments together that make all the difference in the world!

Memoriam plastic cards

Single or doule sided Memoram cards

with graphics of your choice and any 

messageyou may like to be inclided.

These plastic card will last a long time 

and will remain in good condition through everyday wear and tear.

Burial Accessories

Small Custom Made Burial acessories that make a lasting memory of your loved ones and are made specifically to your personal specifications. 

Pet Memorial Picture

A selection of products dedicates specifically to celebrate the memory of our loved four legged friends as they do make all the difference in our world! 

Memorial acrylic blocks

Items that celebrate the happy memories and special occasions in our lives.

These items are one of a kind made to order item which makes a great impression as an item on display in your home and also could be given to someone as a great personalised gift to cherish the good memories!

Personalised engraved memorial plaques for thoughtful ways to 

remember family members, close friends and loved ones.  These plaques are suitable for outdoor use and are ideal for walls, benches and gardens.

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